Group members
Monika Chwastek, M.Sc.
Status: Graduated student, 2016
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry, co-supervisor: prof. Sebastian Stecko

Scientific area: Synthesis of 5-amino-dihydrobenzooxepines and 5-amino-dihydrobenzoazepines via Ichikawa rearrangement and ring-closing metathesis

Research Grants: Grant Opus No. 2014/15/B/ST5/04398, 2014-2019 - key investigator

M. Chwastek, M. Pieczykolan, and S. Stecko
The Synthesis of 5-Amino-dihydrobenzo[b]oxepines and 5-Amino-dihydrobenzo[b]azepines via Ichikawa Rearrangement and Ring-Closing Metathesis
J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 9046-9074

Currently: PhD stutent at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw
The Szumna Research Group

The Stecko Research Group