Laboratory equipment
Organic synthesis
CEM Discovery
microwave synthesizer
Picture 164
Radleys Carousel 12 Plus
paralel synthesis
High Pressure Autoclave
(max. 100 bar)
Retsch Planetary Ball Mill PM100
KDS 100 Syringe Pump
reagent addition
Parr hydrogenator
Laboratory Shaker
Quartz Photoreactor
160W Hg Lamp
OzoneLAB OL80
ozone generator
MBraun Unilab Glovebox
syntheis & storage
Vacuum techniques
vacuum pump
membrane vacuum pump
SC 920
membrane vacuum pump
RV 5
rotatory vacuum pump
RE 2.5
rotatory vacuum pump
Cooling systems
Huber MiniChiller 300
from -20 to 40 oC
Huber Immersion Cooler TC-100E-F
from -100 to +40 oC
Purification systems
Buchi Kugelrohr B-585
bulb-to-bulb distillation
Aldrich Large-scale Kugelrohr
bulb-to-bulb distillation
Flash Chromatography Systems
Reveleris X2
flash chromatograph
UV/ELSD detection
HPLC Chromatography Systems
Kanuer HPLC chromatograph (analytic)
(WellChrom K-1001 pump, UV WellChrom K-2501 detector, RI WellChrom K-2301 detector)
Analytical normal chiral phases
Daicel Columns: OD-H, AS-H, AD-H, OB-H, OJ-H, OK

Hitachi HPLC Chromatograph (analytic & semipreparative)
(Hitachi L-2130 pump, Diode Array L-2450 detector)
Analytical normal and chiral phases
Si Columns: LiChrosorb Si60 (analytic), LiChrospher Si60 (analytic, semipreparative)
Chiral Columns: Daicel IA, IB, IC

Shimadzu HPLC Chromatograph (analytic & semipreparative)
(UV and RI detectors)
Reverse phase columns: RP18 (analytic, semipreparative)
GC Chromatography Systems
PerkinElmer Clarus 680
equipped with FID detector and autosampler
PerkinElmer Clarus 680/600S
equipped with MS detector and autosampler
Analytic equippment
melting point meter
JASCO P-2000
Technical Gas Access
Argon & nitrogen
Oxygen, ozone & air

Carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide
Analytical service of the Institute of Organic Chemistry
Elemental Analysis »»»
NMR service
Mass Spectrometry service »»»
Optical Spectroscopy (ECD, ORD, VCD, UV-VIS-NIR, IR)  »»»
Structural Rentgenography service »»»
Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences is equipped with advanced spectrometers and provides spectral and analytical services for its own research groups of and for institutions all over the country.
The Stecko Research Group